What to Expect On a Fishing Tour

We are located in a small beach town called Playa Hermosa up to the north pacific ocean.  We really specialize in sport fishing. Our Sportfishing trip half day consists of 4-5 hours fishing and full-day fishing 7-8 hours.
We are able to pick you up from any resort around the Gulf Coast. 
Our normal time to go fishing is 6 am -7 am and from 1 pm up to 6 pm. It does not matter if you do not have any sportfishing skills our personal staff are very prepared to help you out and there is not a lack of experience for sure. 
We love to fish in several ways like using live bait,  jig fishing, topwater fishing,  bottom fishing, trolling, so on. For half-day fishing do we include water,  beers, snacks, fruits.
Full day fishing water, beers, snacks, fruits and sandwiches.

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  1. Every time I am in Costa Rica I always make it a point to fish with Armando and Dirty Oars!
    Captain Armando is very courteous, professional and always on time. His knowledge of the area is a major reason why I choose his charter. His prices are great and the vibes are always there! Thank you Armando for always showing my family and friends a great time!
    Chris L. Salida, Co

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